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Top Snorkeling Spots Near Suffolk Park For The Whole Family

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New South Wales is renowned for its pristine waters and extraordinary marine life. If you don’t believe us, come and check it out for yourself! The Suffolk Park Hotel is 5km away from Byron Bay, with its fascinating wonders and sea history waiting to be uncovered by you. Here is a short guide to some of the top snorkelling opportunities near Suffolk Park for you to enjoy as a family.

Julian Rocks

The Julian Rocks Nature Reserve, otherwise known as Nguthungulli, comprises two small islands and has an extraordinary past. According to legend, Father of the World Nguthungulli lies within the caves at Julian Rocks and must be protected for the sake of all animals, wildlife, and plants of which he is the creator. It has been rated as the top snorkelling spot in Australia, surpassing the Great Barrier Reef, and offers a vast range of snorkelling excursions. From the Nursery and the Needles to Hugo’s Trench and the Cod Hole, you are sure to witness some of Australia’s unique species, including humpback whales, rays, and thousands more!

MV Tassie III

If you’re a historical tourist who loves uncovering world histories, then MV Tassie III is the snorkelling spot for you. Much of MV Tassie III’s history is yet to be discovered, making it a fascinating mystery for locals and tourists alike. MV Tassie III was a motor vessel from World War II which was claimed by the United States of America. The snorkelling site offers a glimpse at the fallen wreckage accompanied by some of Australia’s much-loved sea creatures, such as octopus, nudibranchs, and shovelnose rays! A 10-12 minute drive from Suffolk Park, indulge your historical fantasies with a trip to MV Tassie III!

Brunswick River

Brunswick River offers a truly unique snorkelling experience for the whole family. Located 15 minutes north of Byron Bay, you can see what Australia has to offer by way of gleaming rivers and picturesque landscapes. The river winds through Byron Bay’s hinterlands and joins the South Pacific Ocean. It also rises on Mount Jerusalem’s eastern slopes, meaning you are surrounded by beauty all around. Head out during high tide to spot flatheads, bream, and dolphins, and make a day trip out of the surrounding Brunswick area!

The Wreck

For families with snorkelling experience, The Wreck is another historically unique site, located at the Main beach shore. The site, which offers an eerie and fun snorkelling experience, is named after the SS Wollongbar shipwreck which ran aground after stormy weather. Snorkelling this historical phenomenon will allow you to uncover the depths of the Wollongbar shipwreck which is only minutely spotted above water. So swim out with some local friends, such as sea turtles and wobbegong sharks, for a unique experience. Can’t wait to get out into New South Wales’ vast and fascinating waters? Come and stay with us at the Suffolk Park Hotel and you will be snorkelling some of Australia’s best spots in no time. With close proximity to all sites, get up and go and explore as a family! Call us on 6685 3222 or email us at