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Our Northern Rivers Winter Bucketlist

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In taking some time to explore the beautiful area of Northern Rivers, you might feel tempted to save the trip for the summertime. With stunning nature and plenty to do, it seems like a great place to spend some time in the sun. However, there is plenty to do there all year-round, from exploring the great outdoors to cosying down in a warm pub. If you choose to explore Northern Rivers, the winter is a wonderful time to do it. But what kind of activities should you look forward to in the colder months? Read on to find out.

Enjoy a local drink

If you want to get inside and enjoy the feeling of getting out of the cold weather (though we know it’s unlikely to be truly cold outside!), then Northern Rivers has a whole host of cosy pubs and taverns where you can relax and enjoy some local flavours. Many of the area’s hotels have wonderful bars, and you can grab a bite to eat and enjoy a beer or even some mulled wine to give yourself that wintry glow.

Explore the rainforest

If you are a city dweller or more at home in the suburbs than out in nature, then Northern Rivers allows you to escape into a real rainforest retreat. The area is a World Heritage rainforest, which means you can enjoy the vast beauty of nature, from impressive gorges to stunning views across the lush landscape. There is plenty to discover, from unique plant life in the region to a wide range of birds and animals to spot. Whether you are a regular hiker or not, you won’t want to miss spending some time exploring.

Be a culture vulture

Nature isn’t all that Northern Rivers has to offer. If you are looking for flourishes of amazing culture, you will find more than enough to keep you busy. Even in the winter months, there are wineries to visit, cafes and restaurants using local produce to discover, and a whole host of art galleries. You can even get to know some of the alternative communities that make their home in this special part of Australia.

Spot a whale

If you have never seen one of the planet’s most impressive animals, now is your chance! Over 30,000 whales make their way down the New South Wales coastline. In fact, locals refer to it as Humpback Highway! This means that you have a very high chance of spotting one of these stunning creatures up close and personal when you go whale watching. While humpback whales are the most seen in these parts, you could be lucky enough to see blue whales or orcas playing among the ocean waves. Sperm whales, minke whales, and southern right whales are also known to be visitors to this stretch of coast. So bundle up and keep your eyes peeled!

Visit The Suffolk Park Hotel

Are you ready to head to Northern Rivers this winter? We have barely scratched the surface of the many bucket list items you can check off by visiting this incredible, diverse region. Discover it for yourself, no matter what the season! To book your stay in this fantastic region, get in touch with the The Suffolk Park Hotel today. We’re just 5 kilometres away from Byron Bay, making it the perfect place to explore the region.   For more activities in Northern Rivers, read our previous blog post on Snorkeling Spots!