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Sundays In Suffolk Park

There’s probably nothing better than a lazy Sunday – except a lazy Sunday in a beautiful place like The Park Hotel. It’s even better if it’s a lazy Sunday while you’re on holiday.

There’s something so good about waking up slowly, maybe having a lie-in or being brought breakfast in bed thinking about what you’re going to do or not do for the rest of the day.

If you’re at the The Park Hotel in Suffolk Park on holiday, there are plenty of options. Here are the kinds of things you can expect to enjoy on a fun Sunday in Suffolk Park.

  • You can head to the Arakwal National Park if you want to enjoy a beach that is known for its amazing wildlife and opportunities for swimming without too many crazy waves and surfers to contend with. It’s a lovely place to kick back and do nothing.


  • Broken Head Beach, just a short distance from The Park Hotel in Suffolk Park, is a wonderful spot for taking in the natural beauty of Byron Bay, another perfect location for a quieter beach experience where you can try out some surfing without the pressure of too many experts and posers around you! Fall off your board as many times as you like without fear of ridicule.


  • Broken Head Nature Reserve is an amazing location for a soothing Sunday hike with friends or family. There is a seaside area for relaxing and plenty of rainforest areas that will fill up your Instagram feed with a series of absolute photographic winners!


  • A trip to Bangalow market makes for a great Sunday; there’s lots of vibrant and diverse stalls that have lots to offer. You can’t walk through it without parting with at least some of your holiday cash!


  • The Cape Byron Distillery is a wonderful trip to make for a more adult, mature time. There is a fun tour of the place that is then topped off by the chance to sample one, two, three, maybe ten of the best local cocktails around!


  • If you just want to hang around the hotel on a Sunday, that’s fine by us. We especially welcome you to our regular Sunday night gigs that kick off with cocktails at 4pm with the live music starting at 5pm.


If those activities sound appealing to you, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at the The Park Hotel to enquire about rooms and rates.

The earlier you book, the sooner you will be able to avoid disappointment.

Don’t wait too long, you don’t want to miss out on the holiday destination of a lifetime!

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