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What Is The Best Month To Go To Byron Bay?

Whether you’re planning a fun family trip, a romantic getaway with your partner or a sightseeing holiday with friends, Byron Bay has plenty to offer all year round, but which is the best month to visit? Read on to find out which time of year is the best for your trip.

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Summer – December To February

Visiting Byron Bay in the summer promises traditional holiday activities like lounging on the beach, sitting by the pool and surfing. If you enjoy soaking up the sun, make sure to visit between December and February. Temperatures can reach highs of 38°C, so come prepared with lots of sun cream and protective clothing.

Byron Bay is also the place to be over Christmas and New Year. During the Christmas period, the beach grows busy and gains a festival-like atmosphere that is not to be missed. There are also some great Christmas lunches to be had at The Italian or Loft in Byron Bay.

Australia is one the first countries in the world to welcome the new year, so Byron Bay is the perfect place to celebrate. The Secret Garden New Year’s Eve Party or the No Bones New Year’s event are two great options if you want a party atmosphere.

Autumn – March To May

Autumn offers slightly cooler temperatures as well as attractively lower prices. This is the best time of year to avoid any rainfall and also means you can enjoy all the wonders of the area without the rush of tourists who can pack the place out during the summer months. For a calmer trip, especially if you’ve got young children, autumn could be the best choice.

Winter – June To August

With lows of 16°C and highs of 25°C, winter temperatures in Australia are still pleasant. The main draw of the season, however, is that it marks the beginning of whale-watching. This is the perfect time to see whales during their migration and is a great activity for the whole family or even an adventurous couple on a romantic break.

Spring – September To November

As the temperatures begin to warm up again and the flowers start to grow, spring is perhaps one of the most enjoyable times to visit Australia. Whether you’re looking for incredible photo opportunities for Instagram or you’re into festivals and music, Byron Bay is the perfect place to visit.

Where To Stay

Once you have decided on the perfect time of year to visit Byron Bay, the next step is finding the right area to stay in. Make sure to check out The Park Hotel, where you can relax and enjoy a calm holiday or seek out plenty of entertainment and fun with a range of local amenities to enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? Get your next holiday booked in Byron Bay today!