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Art Galleries Near The Park Hotel Motel

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Byron Bay is renowned for its stunning beaches, laid-back lifestyle and vibrant art scene. With a thriving community of artists and galleries, visitors to the area have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a diverse range of artistic expressions.  If you’re staying at the Park Hotel Motel and looking to explore the art scene in Byron Bay, we’ve put together a list of must-see art galleries near you. 

Overview Of The Art Scene In Byron Bay 

Byron Bay has a long-standing reputation as a hub for creativity and artistic expression. The area attracts artists from all over the world, drawn to the natural beauty the region offers.  From contemporary art to traditional indigenous pieces, Byron Bay’s art scene offers something for everyone. The area has a range of galleries, each with its own unique style and focus.  If you’re searching for the ‘best art galleries near me’ while staying at The Park Hotel Motel, we’ve compiled a list of recommendations to get you started. 


Thomgallery is a contemporary art space featuring works by highly collectable international and local artists and sculptors. Every piece of artwork is carefully chosen to distinctly embody the essence of the region. It’s a must-see for all art lovers.  

Byron Bay Gallery  

Byron Bay Gallery showcases paintings, photography and sculptures by extraordinary local artists and offers in-house framing services. Visit to see stunning landscape photography, wire, clay and stone sculptures and local indigenous pieces in ever-changing exhibits.  

Yeah, Nice   

Yeah, Nice is an independent gallery that showcases emerging and established artists, with a focus on contemporary painting and sculpture, and an emphasis on street art and urban culture. The space is also available for hire for photoshoots, workshops, showings and more. 

Retrospect Galleries  

Founded in 2006, Retrospect Galleries is renowned for its representation of innovative, exploratory artists and artwork. The gallery has established a reputation for in-depth knowledge and thrilling discoveries. 

Lone Goat Gallery  

Lone Goat Gallery is a contemporary art space that focuses on showcasing emerging and established artists, so you’re sure to find unique pieces that truly embody the local region.  

Craig Parry Photography  

Craig Parry is a renowned photographer whose work captures the beauty and majesty of the natural world. His gallery features stunning prints of landscapes, wildlife and marine environments.  

Gallery Cosmosis  

Gallery Cosmosis is a unique space featuring a permanent collection of visionary artists, with affordable canvas and paper prints available for purchase so you can take a piece of the region home with you.    

Tips For Visitors On How To Make The Most Of Their Art Gallery Experience 

Take your time  Art galleries are spaces for contemplation and reflection. Take your time to explore each exhibition and engage with the works on display.  Ask questions   Gallery staff are often artists or experts in the field. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek clarification about the works on display.  Attend events   Many galleries host artist talks, workshops and other events. Attending these events can deepen your understanding of the works on display and provide insights into the creative process.  Buy local   If you’re looking to purchase artwork, consider buying from a local artist or gallery. Supporting local artists and galleries helps to sustain the local arts community and ensures that the creativity and talent in the region continues to thrive.  The art scene in Byron Bay is a vibrant and essential part of the region’s culture. As a visitor to the area, taking the time to explore these galleries and engage with the works on display can provide insights into the region’s artistic expression and help support the local community. For more local recommendations, speak to our friendly team at The Park Hotel Motel