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Top Spots to See Around Suffolk Park

When you come to stay in Suffolk Park, you can relax in the luxury location of The Park Hotel, or you can go out and explore the surrounding area.

We have some of the best accommodation in Suffolk Park, and can also show you some of the many attractions nearby, and further afield in Byron Bay.

If you are looking for ideas of how to entertain yourself in Suffolk Park, here are a few suggestions. 

Sporting activities

The Park Hotel is linked to a number of sporting attractions around the suburb, including the Suffolk Park Phoenix football club, Byron Bay Basketball and the Red Devil club (rugby league).

There is also a nearby cricket club if you prefer something more relaxing. 

The Farm, Byron Bay

One of the most familiar locations in Byron Bay, this is a working farm will livestock and crops.

Particularly known for it’s attractive macadamia trees and sunflowers, as well as a number of animals including chickens, pigs and others.

You may choose to try out the horse rides or visit the bakery for a coffee and a snack. 


There are well-known markets nearby including the Byron Bay farmers market and the Bangalow market.

The latter is one of the largest markets, and appears once a month at the showground in Bangalow, with convenient street parking nearby. 

Byron Bay lighthouse and trail

When you want to see some of the amazing sights offered by the NSW coastline, then Byron Bay lighthouse is a perfect choice.

You can get there and back to The Park Hotel within a day, and not only are there fantastic views of the Bay, but you can also see Dolphins in the ocean if the time is right.

The trail to the lighthouse is easy to walk, and the adventurous can take the whole trail – just remember to bring a bottle of water. 

Enjoy the beach

Suffolk Park has its own beach, and you can get there via Acorn Street easily from our hotel, and also visit the attractive Suffolk Park Recreation Reserve nearby.

The Arakwal Park nearby is another beautiful location. 

Find perfect places to stay here

If you are looking for accommodation in Suffolk Park, The Park Hotel could be the perfect location for you.

We will be happy to help you find the perfect spot around Suffolk Park, so start the process by calling the motel on 02-6685-3222 now. 

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